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Name and location of the ACO REACH

Physician Leaders Direct Contracting Entity, LLC, 

Previous Names: N/A

1985 Marcus Avenue Suite 202

Lake Success, NY 11042

*Beginning 1/1/2023, our Direct Contracting Entity (DCE) by the name Physician Leaders Direct Contracting Entity, LLC will be transitioning to the ACO REACH model by the name Physician Leaders ACO REACH*

ACO REACH Primary Contact

Primary Contact Name

Steven Greenspan 

Primary Contact Email Address

2024 Participant Providers:

2024 Preferred Providers:

ACO REACH participants in joint ventures between ACO REACH professionals and hospitals:

There are no joint ventures between or among the ACO and any of its ACO Preferred Providers and Participant Providers

ACO REACH’s key clinical and administrative leaders

ACO REACH Governing Body

Shared Savings and Shared Losses information

Amount of Shared Savings/Losses

  • First Agreement Period

    • Performance Year 2022: $10,507,196

Shared Savings Distribution

  • First Agreement Period

    • Performance Year 2022

      • Proportion invested in infrastructure: 20%

      • Proportion invested in redesigned care processes/resources: 40%

      • Proportion of distribution to ACO participants: 40%

Quality Performance Results 2022


1. In PY 2022, DCEs must meet the 30th percentile threshold on at least one of two claims-based measures (ACR or UAMCC) to receive the full 1% of the Quality Withhold tied to performance (P4P). A sliding scale is applied to DCEs that do not meet the 30th percentile threshold. Please refer to the PY 2022 Quality Measurement Methodology (QMMR) document for more details.

2. DCEs can earn up to 100% of the 1/5 of the Quality Withhold percentage tied to P4P.

3. In PY 2022, 4/5 of the 5% Quality Withhold (i.e., 4% of the financial benchmark) is tied to reporting (P4R).  The 4/5 will be comprised of 2/5 connected to the claims-based quality measures and 2/5 connected to the CAHPS survey in PY 2022.  See note 4 below.

4. DCEs will earn 100% of the 2/5 related to claims-based quality measure reporting (no action required by DCEs). DCEs may earn 100% of the 2/5 connected to CAHPS by authorizing a CMS-approved vendor to administer the CAHPS survey in PY 2022.

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