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Doctor and Patient

Physician Leaders Direct Contracting Entity

What is ACO REACH? 


ACO REACH is a Medicare program that brings together primary care providers under the mission of providing better care for Medicare patients, and the acronym ACO REACH stands for Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Reaching Equity, Access and Community Health (REACH). 

Through Physician Leaders Direct Contracting Entity specifically, involved healthcare providers become even further empowered to take better care of their patients by gaining the ability to: 

  1. Access comprehensive, accurate data to make evidence-based decisions related to patient care  

  2. Provide proactive care as opposed to reactive care 

  3. Provide patients with a ‘one-stop-shop’ to address any and all healthcare needs 

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How ACO REACH impacts patients 

ACO REACH benefits Medicare patients above anyone else. Through Physician Leaders Direct Contracting Entity, patients will be able to get all of their care from a single, unified team of providers who work together to make sure patients are getting the best possible care.

The best part about all of this is that patients’ Medicare benefits do not change at all – they may take advantage of some, or none, of the advantages of ACO REACH, and they may see whichever provider they wish to as long as that provider accepts Medicare.


Furthermore, none of the benefits of the ACO REACH program will incur additional costs on the patients.

To better illustrate why patients are the biggest winners from ACO REACH, here are some benefits that they may enjoy as a result:

  1. Avoiding unnecessary visits to the hospital through proactive and time-sensitive care

  2. Ensuring that all relevant health-related information pertaining to the patient, regardless of the source, is communicated and shared with the patients’ providers to improve care received.

  3. Simplifying care received by having a designated team that can address any and all of patients’ needs

  4. Receiving lower healthcare costs overall due to the improved efficiency and efficacy of the care received

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How do patients participate? 

Patients don’t need to enroll into Physician Leaders Direct Contracting Entity. Instead, they may choose to participate in the benefits of Physician Leaders Direct Contracting Entity, and pick from an array of services including receiving:


  1. Education on their health and unique circumstances surrounding their specific conditions 

  2. Remote services, including help with appointment-scheduling to accommodate any health-related challenges they experience 

  3. In-home support for chronically ill and/or homebound patients 

  4. Reminders to attend any upcoming appointments or visits.   

Patient Confirmation Form

Please click on the link below and fill out the form to let Medicare know that the Primary Care Provider you select is your Main Healthcare Provider.

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